What You Focus On - You Get More Of

How do you rendezvous and attract more of what you want?

How do you rendezvous and attract more of what you want?


What vibrations of thought are you attracting now? Do you pray, ask, believe, and then hope? Or do you pray and give thanks that you have already received what you expected to have?

This attitude and these thoughts create the largest differences and definitely the largest and quickest results.


“Release your habit of thinking if it is not working for you!


“Know” that you are absolutely worth receiving the best of everything. Your “perfect loving creator” would definitely want the absolute best of everything for you? Watch how the good things are lovingly worked out for you wen you allow and receive the blessings because you are perfect just the way you are – yes, right now!


You are already extraordinary just the way you are, so release the loving blessings and receive them with gratitude and watch them flow into you. Know, without any doubt, that you are a beautiful, loving, soul and you are so extremely deserving of all that is good, right, and precious.


It is wonderful to pray, hope, an believe! However, the real power is in the absolute “knowing.” You can meditate with your “whole heart” in whatever way you can, even if it is while doing dishes, cleaning, walking or however you get into that beautiful, loving, heart space that belongs exclusively to you!


We don’t need to have any fear of our fearful thoughts. There is no need to feel you must say “cancel, cancel” just because you had a passing thought of fear. Thoughts of warning will feel different. They will be instant and strong, like danger or death. These are unlike our normal daily fear thoughts of future concern and not instant danger.


The “art of deliberate creation” is more about “allowing” the “good thoughts” with more intention and repetition. Just allow the nasty thoughts to come and go as they will. Then release them and allow them to float on down the river. See them get to the waterfall and just fall away.


Then replace your thought with one of the most happy thoughts you can imagine and really feel it. Enjoy it until it even makes you smile. The simple feeling of a meaningful smile can change your neurology and your energy. When you have your eyes closed and you can pretend, imagine and actually feel a happy experience that you have so much enjoyed in your past, it will create a new feeling throughout your entire body vibration. This is the process of allowing and attracting the wonderful things that you deserve to have.


Sometimes we call it a miracle, a synchronicity or even a coincidence. The fact is, these can be happening in our life when we are allowing ourselves to feel good for “no apparent reason” except our good thoughts.


We can have deep appreciation for our fear. It protects us and is therefore, very valuable, just like seeing those bumps in the road that keep s from running off the road into danger.

The important secret is to value it for what it is and then release it as soon as possible. We can even give our fear thankfulness and much gratitude for what it offers and then we must quickly release it to move into the good thoughts and feelings.


What we dwell on, we can attract and create. Allow those bad feelings to move right on out. This is one of the many techniques many great masters have taught us.


For those that have a challenge in visualizing the good things that you prefer and deserve, we are experts in helping you to learn step by step.

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