Energy Healing Techniques

Everything is based on a feeling. You will always know when something feels right or wrong. You may require various energy modalities to accomplish your goals. Become aware how you can quickly change your moods and your energy.

Therapy varies for everyone because each of us, in our own way, are very individual and unique. Our specialty is finding the quickest and easiest way to find the type of therapy and technique that will work best for you.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

EFT is a revolutionary treatment method that offers healing from physical and emotional pain and disease. Without the use of needles, this form of acupuncture uses the fingertips to stimulate energy points on the body.

EFT is widely known for the changes that can be made in your emotions which ultimately will make changes in your physiology as well. 

Gary Craig, who developed Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), wa also a student of Callahan. In 1995, he released his own tapping techniques which involved tapping all the meridians in sequence.


Reiki is a therapy often described as palm healing or hand-on-body healing in which a practitioner places hands lightly on or over a patient’s body to facilitate the patient’s process of healing. Reiki combines the Japanese and Chinese word-characters of “rei” (spiritual or supernatural) and “ki” (vital energy).

Brain Gym®

Simple movements that retrain your brain for improved learning skills.

What is Brain Gym® therapy? Brain Gym® is an educational movement based proram that focuses on the use of simple movements to help integrate the whole brain, senses, and body. It is to prepare the person with the needed physical skills to learn effectively.

Brain Gym® is part of the Educational Kinesiology program. Educational Kinesiology means “to draw out learning using movement.” Brain Gym® helps to improve neurological function so that areas of the “brain cells” are more strongly connected and accessible for any given task. This series of movements is done with intention and is designed to “wake up” the brain and to stimulate brain function.

It’s focus is improved learning and mental organization. The Brain Gym® program was developed by Paul E. Dennison and Gail E. Dennison.


Other programs​

Advanced Consulting Hypnotist

Certified Neurolinguistic Practitioner


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