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Benefit now with life coaching and use the scientifically validated modalities that will help you experience profound changes in your life. If you are looking for something positive, dynamic, and constructive, help is here!


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Work with someone who will understand! One who has been successfully through a variety of industries and similar experiences can expedite your changes. Truly understanding how you are “feeling” is extremely valuable! Education is very important, however experience can still be the best teacher.


You get double the benefit for half the price! Someone who has had an extreme variety of change in their long life, coupled with continued constant education and research may surprise you with extreme benefits.

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Jan Eckert — Certified Master Life Coach

My life has been filled with opportunities of self expression through music, poetry, and dance. I loved riding my bicycle, feeling the breeze on my face and seeing new places. This was to become a passion and have very esoteric meaning in my life. I’ve always loved everything and everybody. I’ve worked with people from all age groups from helping to start a Montessori School in VA to volunteering in hospice, heart association, nursing homes and rehab centers.

Simply put, my life has led me on a mission to support as many other people in their life experiences as I can and I love it!

My passion is to support others in their life changes as they search for life’s answers in their situations. I have been fortunate enough to have a very loving and amazing family and an incredible partner of 17 years who allowed me the freedom to explore and make changes without judgement and supported me in new experiences whether he was a part of it or not. Whatever he believed was always secondary to my experiences and investigations and yet he offered incredible wisdom whenever I asked for it. If you are so lucky to find a person that will support and love you unconditionally without judgement, I would suggest that you return that energy the best you can and keep it alive. This is the most precious gift one can give to another.

As a result, I have been blessed with the opportunities to gain skills in different modalities of healing to support others in their best of health, happiness and purpose in life.


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"You are the bestest! You always give me support and confidence. I am so lucky to have found you. I am looking forward to obtaining my new goals and I now with you as my support, it will be so much easier than I ever thought it could be. Just knowing that I now have comfortable steps to take helps me sleep better."
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"I talk to you because you are a good listener. You have the gift of listening for a long time and withholding your opinion. You have listened to me for hours and not expressed your opinion or showered me with 'you should do this or that,' but let me 'talk it out' until I saw the answer. You are not judgmental. You don't seem to hold any malice or anger, therefore you encourage others to release anger and malice for a happier life. I have shared parts of my shadows that I condemn me for and you listened and listened until I found forgiveness and then did not feel embarrassed to see you because you held my junk in confidence."
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"Many yeears ago, when I was working with Jan, I knew she was meant to be a coach. Money was never her goal, however, I insisted on paying her money for he valuable support. Her incredible knowledge and enthusiasm was needed in my work, business, and many changes at that time. To have incredible support in life changes is extraordinary and has definitely helped in making sensational changes. At that time, Jan was in a different industry and with my encouragement, she accepted the money I offered her and she framed her first dollar to continue on to follow her dreams."

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